Good Research has been working in the space of helping decision makers make nuanced decisions about complex topics in the space of data privacy and technology for over ten years. We have worked with regulators, private enterprises and government across the globe to help them research and address these from a technological and end user perspective.

With an understanding of the policy backdrop and partners in the compliance space, we are able to help entities consider a user centered approach to solving complex problems.
Understanding user perception
  • What does your population feel about it?
  • Have you considered various groups when thinking through the solution?
  • How would your implementation be accepted/rejected by the population?
  • What sort of obstacles to adoption could you expect?
  • How could you mitigate these?
Our full-stack research toolkit includes understanding and analyzing data, deriving qualitative behavioral findings, and both drawing upon and creating academic-grade research.
Facilitating adoption
A sense of agency is important to users and their likelihood of adoption.
  • Provide users with a sense of control and the proper feedback to know that the application is meeting their expectations.
  • Manage the context of collection, and provide means for users to facilitate the main use case of the app but feel comfortable enough with it to provide high quality data and participation.
Verify what your applications are actually doing
Mobile devices are complex and complicated.
  • Ensure that the app is operating according to your stated intentions
  • Demonstrate that it is only collecting the information needed to perform the functions, and communicating this information to the right resources
Secure data sharing
Sharing data in a secure and aggregate form helps to facilitate global action across the individually collected bits of data.
  • Ensure that any data protections are doing the job correctly, and are effectively handling this information
  • Ensure deidentification, noise introduction, or anonymization scheme is working properly and in accordance with best standards