Who we are

Our expertise is vast and includes security, privacy, data science, computer science, behavioral science, UX research, value-centered design, communications, compliance, accounting forensics, education, and philanthropy.

We are researchers:

We're curious, life-long learners.

We are teachers:

We share knowledge and exchange ideas.

We are builders:

Our shared beliefs guide every decision.

Core Team


Nathan Good, PhD


Lecturer, UC Berkeley School of Information

A fundamental goal of Nathan's work is making usable networked systems and studying how to create devices, products and services to be secure, simple and respectful of people's privacy. He has worked at PARC, Yahoo and HP research labs. At Berkeley, he worked with TRUST and the Samuelson Law & Technology Clinic and was a member of the 2007 California Secretary of State Top-to-Bottom Review of Electronic Voting Systems. He holds three patents in information extraction and media and has published extensively on modeling and analytics, user experience studies, privacy, and security related topics at top conferences such as CHI, AAAI, and KDD.

His research has been reported on in the New York Times, CNN and ABC and he has testified on his research before the House, Senate and FTC. Nathan has served as a testifying and consulting expert on cases of notice and consent, data breaches, negative options and consumer experience. Nathan has a Phd in Information Science and a MS in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.


Jennifer Chen

Chief-of-Staff & Research Sleuth

Jennifer has a Masters in Information Management Systems from UC Berkeley, with a focus on UX research. Before Berkeley, she majored in Studio Art at UC Irvine and subsequently worked as a QA engineer. One thing led to another and she eventually discovered the field of informatics and subsequently, data science. After working in various areas of data science and analysis, she now keeps track of Good Research from a bird's-eye-perspective and wrangles the company's team, projects, and logistics.

When not running investigations or nagging people for their hours, she enjoys gaming and watching that one anime every season and befriending cats.


Eric Khumalo

Data Scientist & Privacy Engineer

Eric is a Data Scientist and Privacy Engineer at Good Research. He's currently the Founder and Head Instructor at Emzini weCode, an initiative focused on democratizing access to computer science education in Sub Saharan Africa. He has previously worked at Twitter building tools to eradicate anti-spam on the platform.

Eric holds a BA in Data Science from UC Berkeley where he was a MasterCard Foundation Scholar. Outside of work, Eric is passionate about agriculture and public health initiatives and occasionally writes poetry.


Tobias Kupek

Data Scientist & Software Engineer

Tobias is a data scientist and software engineer with a focus on security and privacy investigations.

With his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Innsbruck he researched on the security and robustness of deep neural networks and has worked on applied machine learning in the field of computer vision.


Trish Lamanna

Design AnthroTechnologist

Trish's experience leading teams and conversations in the design, art and technology space spans 12+ years with many people across the globe. She thinks in systems and acts as connective tissue between humans, systems, and culture. She believes if design is a practice of decisions made on purpose, then making decisions in alignment with our values moves us in the direction we are intending to go.

Trish holds a specialized B.A. in Design with honors from the York/Sheridan Design Program and is an accredited Burning Man Honoraria artist. She has deep expertise within the digital product, consulting and innovation space, servicing the e-commerce, automotive and healthcare verticals. Her core capabilities include visual & product design, behavioral research, experiential storytelling, systems thinking and cross-functional delivery operations.


Maritza Johnson


Maritza Johnson is an expert on human-centered security and privacy with industry, teaching, and research experience. In prior roles, Maritza was the founding director of the Center for Digital Civil Society at the University of San Diego, a user experience researcher at Google, a researcher at the International Computer Science Institute, and a technical privacy manager at Facebook.

Dr. Johnson holds advanced degrees in computer science from Columbia University (M.S., Ph.D.). She is also a graduate of University of San Diego (B.A.). Her paper "The Failure of Online Social Network Privacy Settings" won the Future of Privacy Forum's Privacy Papers for Policy Makers Award in 2011.


Miho Nakayama

Senior Business and Marketing Analyst

Miho Nakayama is a senior business and marketing analyst at Good Research. She earned her Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Business from the Dominican University of California with an honor induction to Beta Gamma Sigma, The International Business Honor Society. With an MBA knowledge and working experience in Japan, she is providing great support to Good Research when it comes to business development, analysis, and business strategy both domestically and internationally from a marketing, financial, and sales perspective.


Will Monge

Engineer, Data & Machine Learning

Will Monge is an engineer and data scientist at Good Research, where he focuses on building systems and products that have privacy, fairness, and security embedded from the start. In addition, Will leads privacy engineering initiatives with a team that specializes in forensic investigations of mobile and web apps.

Prior to Good Research, Will worked in finance focusing on the risks of using models and data, developing tools to enable better-informed decisions. Will has an MS in Information & Data Science from UC Berkeley, an MS in Mathematics from Complutense University of Madrid, and a Master's in Business Consulting from ICADE (Madrid).


Tye Rattenbury, PhD

Principal, Data Science & Machine Learning

Tye has over 15 years of applied data science and machine learning experience. Working primarily on digital user experiences, his work has spanned qual+quant research methods, data management, data visualization, metric design, activity detection and modeling, forecasting, causal inference, and optimization. Across these areas, Tye has held various technical roles: from research to engineering, and from hands-on implementation to people management. Tye is passionate about helping people. He actively mentors and coaches colleagues and young professionals entering careers in data science and machine learning. Additionally, Tye has led efforts at multiple companies to design and adopt data-driven practices.

Tye earned a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from CU Boulder and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. He holds multiple patents and has published in both academic and popular press venues. Outside of work, Tye is likely doing some combination of parenting, cooking, exploring the outdoors (skiing, hiking, fishing), or reading (History, SciFi and Psychology recently).


Jessica Traynor

Good Impacter

Jessica develops programs and resources to build a better foundation of knowledge around data and privacy.

She has a history of building out programs from ideas, including Facebook Research, Siegel Family Endowment, and the Center for Inclusive Computing. As someone who thrives in ambiguity, Jessica helps leaders articulate their vision, develop and execute their plans, and engage stakeholders. A former teacher, she loves helping people discover their strengths. Jessica has a BS in communication from Cornell University and an MEd from Loyola University Maryland.

Good Friends

Cassia Artanegara

UX Designer

Cassia (she/her) was a UX Designer at Good Research. Employing her fascination for information design and organization, Cassia researches, designs, and communicates better relationships between us humans, the data we produce, and the systems that process and use that data.

Before Good Research, Cassia worked as an educator teaching kids to code and as a visual designer at an applied research lab that focuses on solving interdisciplinary problems through media arts, design, and computer science methodologies. Cassia holds a B.A. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Studio Art from UC Santa Cruz. When she's not working, you can find her knitting, photographing, or color-coding her to-do lists.

Daren Childers

Systems and Security Ditto

Daren has worked in Cybersecurity for 25 years as an analyst, engineer, manager, researcher and leader. He has a Masters in Information and Cybersecurity from UC Berkeley and expertise in a wide range of system and network technologies cultivated over years of developing, implementing and security systems for the U.S. Department of Defense. When he's not working or hacking, you can probably find him on a bicycle or in a bowling alley.

Hae Young Kim

Roaming Researcher, Retired

Hae Young Kim is a software engineer and retired researcher at Good Research. She focused on digital forensics and privacy. Hae Young has a BS from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with an emphasis in numerical analysis and computer graphics. She has had a varied career history that includes computer games, web application development, and biostatistics. She floats around and pops back in with moral support and dog photos.