Why we do what we do

Unified strategy and vision

Technology and operations should match; the technical and the conceptual, together as one.

No more box-ticking

It’s time for privacy and security to move beyond box-ticking compliance exercises as an afterthought and towards intentional considerations that are embedded in the foundations of projects, teams, and organizations.

Simple answers to simple questions

If we want to change the landscape of privacy and technology, we must prioritize pragmatic, actionable steps that achieve our vision of the future.

Everything by design

We believe that if you build the right foundation, everything you do after becomes faster and more efficient. By building in privacy, security and data governance into every process from the onset, innovation becomes far easier.

Our Team


Nathan Good

Chief Scientist, Principal and Founder

A fundamental goal of his work is to create devices and services that are simple, secure and respectful of people's sense of privacy. Nathan has provided research to Fortune 100 firms and has co-developed technologies and performed research for products that have grown to millions of users.

Nathan is also a lecturer at the UC Berkeley School of Information, teaching courses in data science, ethics and network security. He has given testimony on his research before Congress, FTC, and his work and research has been covered in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, ABC and CNN.


Maritza Johnson

Director of Strategy and Research

Dr. Maritza Johnson aims to make it easier for people to enjoy technological advancements while worrying less about security and privacy. She’s an expert on human-centered security and privacy. Through her work she shapes how organizations design and deploy data systems. Teams bring her in to talk about user experience but the work inevitably goes much deeper than they expect.

Maritza is also the inaugural director of a new center for data science, AI, and society at the University of San Diego. Her industry experience includes working as a user experience researcher on identity, security, and privacy at Google, and as a technical privacy manager at Facebook. In 2018, she co-created a usable privacy and security course for UC Berkeley's Master of Information and Cybersecurity program. She completed her PhD at Columbia University and wrote her dissertation on end-user access control, including researching whether people can correctly manage their Facebook privacy settings. In a few words, it’s complicated.


Jennifer Chen

Research Sleuth

Jennifer is a graduate of UC Berkeley's MIMS program (Masters in Information Management Systems), with a focus on UX research, as well as research overall. Before entering Berkeley, she majored in Studio Art and worked as a QA engineer before that all went all the window; one thing led to another and she eventually discovered the field of informatics and subsequently, data science. Currently, she is looking to apply those skills into project management.

When not running studies or combing through interviews, she enjoys gaming and watching that one anime every season, while trying to appease the cat.


Will Monge

Data Scientist

Will’s research focuses on privacy, fairness, and model accountability by applying data science, ethnography, and UX research methods. Will believes that to use data efficiently we must invest in control structures to help us make well-informed decisions around the value and risks. Will’s duties include consulting with several legal and regulatory organizations where he helps bridge the gap between technology and policy, an aspect of his work from which he derives particular satisfaction.

Prior to Good Research, Will worked in the financial industry focusing on the risks of using models and data, where he also led teams developing standard tools for model developers and reviewers to use for data analysis and information management.


Cassia Artanegara

UX Designer

Cassia is a UX Designer at Good Research. She is fascinated by the "Why?" behind human behavior and believes that when good design truly empathizes with and advocates for people's problems, motivations, and desires, people are empowered to achieve great things.

Before coming to Good Research, Cassia worked as an educator teaching kids to code and as a visual designer at an applied research lab that focuses on solving interdisciplinary problems through media arts, design, and computer science methodologies. Cassia holds a B.A. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Studio Art from UC Santa Cruz.


Graydon Gough

VP, Strategic Growth

Graydon leads client engagement and helps to shape the branding, solutions, and offerings at Good Research.

He has spent 10 years helping organizations creatively use technology to improve customer experience and business efficiency. Prior to Good Research, he has spent time working for innovative companies in digital product design and development, digital transformation SaaS, and cyber security strategy.

Hae Young Kim

Hae Young Kim

Saver of all things that need saving

Hae Young Kim is a software engineer and researcher at Good Research. She focuses on digital forensics and privacy.

Hae Young has a Bachelors in Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a focus in numerical analysis and computer graphics. She has a varied career history that includes computer games, web application development, and biostatistics. In her spare time, she cares for two dogs, fosters dogs from a rescue, gardens, and mentors high school robotics for FRC team 3926.