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Nathan Good, Principal

Nathan Good

Dr. Nathan Good is Principal of Good Research and Faculty in Information School in UC Berkeley, where he teaches courses for the Master of Informations and Data Science (MIDS) and Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS) programs. He specializes in user experience research, modeling and investigating behavior where design overlaps with data. Past domains include systems for knowledge management, health care, sales support, consumer privacy, security and forensic tools, and recommender systems.

A fundamental goal of his work is helping companies create networked systems devices and services that are simple, secure and respectful of people's privacy. He is a co-author of the UC Berkeley web privacy census, and contributing author to books on privacy and the user experience of security systems. Prior to Good Research, Nathan was at PARC, Yahoo and HP research labs. At Berkeley, he worked with TRUST and the Samuelson Law & Technology Clinic and was a member of the 2007 California Secretary of State Top-to-Bottom Review of Electronic Voting Systems.

Nathan has published extensively on user experience studies, privacy, and security related topics and holds patents on software technology for multimedia systems and event analysis. His research has been reported on in the Economist,New York Times, CNN and ABC and he has testified on his research before the House, Senate and FTC. Nathan’s recent work on Privacy and Design was recognized for a best paper award at the Privacy Law Scholars Conference, and was featured in both IAPP and the Future of Privacy Forums top 6 Privacy Papers for Policy Makers. Nathan has a Phd in Information Science and a MS in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley

Jennifer Chen, Research Sleuth

Jennifer Chen

Jennifer is a graduate of UC Berkeley's MIMS program (Masters in Information Management Systems), with a focus on UX research/design, as well as research overall. Before entering Berkeley, she got her bachelor's in Studio Art with a minor in Computer Science at UC Irvine, and worked as a QA engineer before deciding to learn more about technology and its relationship with people. After completing the MIMS program, she is pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoys doing research and analysis, and is continually striving to improve in this area.

Despite the different types of clients and projects, her most important goal is to engage each one with the same amount of detail and thoroughness as the next, regardless of the topic. Privacy and security will be tantamount as time passes, especially as the digital era increases exponentially in all factors of our lives. By utilizing her skills, she hopes to make a difference and help further educate people on various topics through her work, whether it's an app or a paper. She is especially interested in the cultural and social impact of online communities brought about by the Internet revolution, and how it's rapidly changing our society as whole.

When not running studies or combing through interviews, she enjoys Japanese anime and video games, as well as drawing and creative writing.

Will Monge, Research Machinist

Will Monge

Will (Guillermo) Monge is a data scientist and researcher at Good Research, where he focuses on privacy, fairness, and model accountability by applying data science, ethnography, and UX research methods.

Throughout his career, Will has focused on helping organizations build good products that incorporate by design: privacy, security, and user experience. He believes that in order to use data efficiently, we must invest in control structures to help us make well-informed decisions around the value and risks.

Will is intent on bringing more people from different backgrounds and methodologies into the “data conversation”. For this purpose, Will enjoys serving as a consultant on several legal and regulatory organizations, where he helps bridge the gap between technology and policy.

Prior to Good Research, he worked in the financial industry as a methodological consultant focusing on the risks of using models and data, being a model developer and reviewer both in credit and market, specializing in the mortgage ecosystem. Additionally he also led teams in R&D initiatives to develop tools for creating a standard framework for model developers and reviewers to use for data analysis and information management.

Will has a Masters in Information and Data Science from the University of California at Berkeley, a masters degree in Mathematics from Complutense University of Madrid (with a focus on computation and complexity), and a masters Business Consulting (where he specialized in risk modeling) from ICADE (Madrid).

Ankit Tharwani, Master of Engines & Data

Ankit Tharwani

Ankit is a data engineer and solutions architect with a passion scalability and platforms. At Good Research his role spans a number of areas, but his main goal is to empower the team and our clients by building robust systems, both on-prem or on the Cloud, that scale and enable collaboration.

Previously, he was a global head and director in charge of data platforms for a major global bank. He worked over 8 years in the financial industry during which he led numerous data engineering and analytics initiatives in the adoption of Big Data and Cloud services, creating systems that broght together multiple data platforms and were able to analyze terabytes of data in seconds. In doing this, Ankit is experienced in dealing with the challenges that this transformation arises, both technological and in change of management.

Ankit has a Masters in Information and Data Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Bachelors of Technology in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur.

Cassia Artanegara, UX Designer

Cassia Artanegara

Cassia is a UX Designer at Good Research. She is fascinated by the "Why?" behind human behavior and believes that when good design truly empathizes with people's problems, motivations, and desires, people are empowered to achieve great things.

Before coming to Good Research, Cassia worked as an educator teaching kids to code and as a visual designer at an applied research lab that focuses on solving interdisciplinary problems through media arts, design, and computer science methodologies. Cassia graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Studio Art.

Hae Young Kim, Saver of all things that need saving

Hae Young Kim

Hae Young Kim is a software engineer and researcher at Good Research. She focuses on digital forensics and privacy.

Hae Young has a Bachelors in Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a focus in numerical analysis and computer graphics. She has a varied career history that includes computer games, web application development, and biostatistics. In her spare time, she cares for two dogs, fosters dogs from a rescue, gardens, and mentors high school robotics for FRC team 3926.