Good Research has worked with the many different companies, from small start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies and the government, across a wide variety of projects encompassing privacy, user experience, research and design.

Clients include:


Cisco Data Maps

Turning text-based, privacy data sheets into a more transparent, forward-facing visual map that shows where data is going and how it's used.

Intel + UC Berkeley Smartphone Study

Figuring out people's privacy preferences, and habits, one smartphone at a time. We recruited Android smartphone users to go about their daily routine with a test phone running a modified Android OS to track and collect data on not only the users' daily actions, but the behaviors of the apps themselves.

Deanonymization Research

Working with Privacy Analytics to simulate 'motivated intruder attacks' on deanonymized datasets so as to test the effectiveness, as well as, potential vulnerabilities in the data and the techniques used to obscure them.

Integrating Privacy by Design

Working with to integrate holistic privacy awareness into their design and workflow processes; showcasing that responsible design doesn't have to be a checklist or just a generic privacy policy.